You make me feel so beautiful...

You make me feel so beautiful, beautiful all over,
So loveable and so very special.

The way you look at me
Your warm gaze sends shivers down my spine.

Your gentle touch gives me goosebumps all over
Your soft kisses melt away all my sorrows.

When you hold me tight in your arms
My whole worlds become so secure.

Dont ever let go,,Just hold me just hold..........


The desire to live
became so passionate
that it lost its contours
and got into another shape:

Soon, i stopped thinking
of myself;
my self had become a heresy
so great was the pull

I soon realized
I was a lie;
and if I wanted to live
i must break the dye

I broke the blocks
which stood in between;
there was only earth
and upon it, the sky.


She is a sea, but I am a sailor,
A habitual sensual hoverer on water,
Senses the current of her unique flair,
Like a lover so fervent in his dear!

At all times entices me, to surf on her,
So mildly like a timid bride,
Seldom she roars in ecstasy, but so wild,
Yet quite submissive to my rudder!

Shores always creamed with foam
Abetting my bard heart to reform!
Every time there is a spot extreme new,
Which is known only to incredible few!

And I go deep down into her often,
To touch those spots affluent like heaven,
Where she keeps the germs hidden,
Which at all times makes her feel redden!
Every time there is a spot extreme new,
Which is known only to incredible few!

I am your reflection.....

I am your reflection,
Made by your passion,
Your blood also runs in my vain,
Hey dad I am your son,
I don't blame,
Why did you treated my like this,
Why did you left me to die,
Why didn't you killed me,
When I only knew how to cry,
Yo dad I am your reflection,
I am proud to be who I am,
Why can't you see things the way I can,
I still love you but I hate you too,
You forget me,
Like I was a bad dream for you,
Why I was to born this way,
I have a father, But I haven't seen him,
For years, months and days,
Hey god I am appealing to you,
Please tell me,
Dose my father knows I am alive,
I am shower he doesn't even know,
At what stage I am,

Just let him know,
I have a beard now dad,
I cry for you every day now dad,
Just please tell him,
I am standing on the gate for you dad,
Waiting to see you once again dad,
Because from this day forward it harts me to say,
I am your reflection,
There is nothing that I can do about that,
I am cursed with your name,
And I blame you for that